We believe in a world without borders, without limitation of where the journey will bring you, a world where you’ll have connections with people from the most differents background, cultures and places.

Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle means relying on the internet and open workspaces to perform your work and financially sustain a modern nomadic life. This established trend allows you to become location independent and constantly move between cities as countries while working remotely.

The digital nomad lifestyle is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways of living, and Atria is the ultimate tool for you to solve some of nomads biggest challenges, real estate portfolio, networking and income.

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The Properties

At Atria you find not only an innovative way to invest and connect, but also a new way to think architecture concepts. At Atria you find unique and dedicated properties to both the current and future lifestyle.


Group of unique small living units designed for you to enjoy the best of a location.


From the outside a normal house or apartment. Inside several configurations, from sole staying to team retreats.


Hand picked properties in ideal locations for both tourism and nomadism.

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