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At Atria you have the ultimate tool to, at the same time, enable you to live better and freely, while also investing at booming markets.

Nomad Market

It’s an exciting time for digital nomads. Thanks to the pandemic, nomadism is growing and—as you’ll see from digital nomad statistics—will continue to explode in the future.

People are craving adventure and remote work has never been more popular. But first things first, who are Digital Nomads?
A digital nomad is a traveler or remote worker who supports themselves online while “nomading” around the globe. Armed with their digital nomad laptop and traveling office, they rely on travel-friendly mobile hotspots and open-source internet in co-working locations like coffee shops or shared workspaces. And now with Atria they have a powerfull platform to secure a real estate portfolio, networking and income resources to support their lifestyle.

Digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; A passion for travel, adventure, and most importantly, freedom.

And this community is getting bigger and bigger, let’s take the US for example, the leading country with self declared digital nomads (52% of total), according to data from MBO Partners, in 2019 there were 7.3 million Americans who identified as digital nomads. Between 2019 and 2020 (boosted by COVID-19), this figure rose by a staggering 49% to 10.9 million. Then in 2021, the number of digital nomads continued surging up to 15.5 million. Globally we can see a growth of +43 Millions in 2022.

Why this is happening? A combination of increased flexibility, higher salary expectations, freedom, and the ability to work anywhere in the world. And the digital nomad growth won’t stop there. Pieter Levels, the founder of NomadList, predicts a billion digital nomads globally by 2035.

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At Atria you have the ultimate tool to, at the same time, enable you to live better and freely, while also investing at booming markets.

Tourism Market

International tourism continued its recovery in 2022, with a much better performance compared to the weak start to 2021.

Based on the latest available data, global international tourist arrivals more than doubled (+130%) in January 2022 compared to 2021 – the 18 million more visitors recorded worldwide in the first month of this year equals the total increase for the whole of 2021.

While these figures confirm the positive trend already underway last year, the pace of recovery in January was impacted by the emergences of the Omicron variant and the re-introduction of travel restrictions in several destinations. But the future is bright with several experts beliving that the pandemic is behind us.

All regions enjoyed a significant rebound in January 2022, though from low levels recorded at the start of 2021. Europe (+199%) and the Americas (+97%) continued to post the strongest results. The Middle East (+89%) and Africa (+51%) also saw growth in 2022 over 2021.

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