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A token represents a set of rules encoded in a smart contract. Each token belongs to a blockchain address. It’s essentially a digital asset that is stored securely on the blockchain. Tokens are most often known to be cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether tokens.

Atria token ($ATRIA) is a layer 2 token based upon Hedera Hashgraph blockchain, created to enpower and to be utilized within Atria’s international, accessible  and borderless property investing project. 

About Hedera, Hedera Hasgraph is a 3rd generation blockchain technology dedicated to make transactions faster, opperation costs lower, valutation higher and trust bigger.

We know that property investors tend to appreciate security. When investing with Atria via $ATRIA tokens you are not only getting our governance, but also the stability and governance of companies such as: Google, IBM, Deusche Telekom, LG, Magalu, Standard Bank, etc. And more: companies that are part of Hedera Council.

Our technology and tokenization is secured and anchored by market icons, such as:

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Adquire $ATRIA

With your account active you can adquire $ATRIA in 3 ways:

1) From every sale campaings promoted by Atria

2) From other users throughout the marketplace

3) From your rental listings and property sale entry 



Sale & Rental Earnings Conversion


Sell us your property or list your external property at our platform and earn tokens.


List your external property at Atria, Booking, AirBnb, Vrbo, Outside and others via our platform and get a discount to transform your EUR, USD and GBP into $ATRIA.

Investors Properties Marketplace


Investors can utilize $ATRIA (Atria Tokens) at our platform to purchase international properties, from 5% to 100% of its totality thru our fractions system. The ownership of the property is registered with smart contracts at the blockchain.


Investors can at any time sell your shares/fractions from a determined propierty at Atria’s marketplace, those tokens can be used for new investments or it can be withdraw in currency (EUR, USD, GBP). Or, if the investor owns 100% of the property, it can be registered* under his name via the traditional method.

*Fares applied.








Rental Earnings & Marketplace

Atria Rental Booking & Listings

$ATRIA fractions (Atria Tokens) can be used at our rental platform to book and utilize stays at the network properties.

The properties will be also listed at regular well-know plaforms, such as:, AirBnb, Vrbo, Outside and others. The earnings from these oulets will be accounted in EUR, USD or GBP.

Atria Rental Re-Token

Your rental earning will be performed in currency. If you prefer the $ATRIA earnings can be transferred non-conveted, $ATRIA (Atria Tokens) can be taken as profit to be added into your safe/wallet.

Atria Rental Management

Atria manages the property rentals and maintenance (10% fee)




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